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Even though software processes have the opportunity to launch your business into the future, embracing innovation presents some serious hurdles. This ebook will show you the challenges you’ll face, and how to overcome them.


Today’s forward-thinking organizations are in the process of migrating to the cloud, even though the transition could take years! As this shift is occurring, those companies will need to be on the lookout for app development platforms that can interact with on-premise systems, cloud-based tools, and dynamically respond to changing business and technical requirements. 

Although there are a variety of low-code tools on the market, AgilePoint NX is one-of-a-kind with its unique, model-driven, metadata-abstracted approach that provides a stable bridge to the future by allowing you to: 

- Quickly build a portfolio of private-labeled business apps.

- Easily deploy process changes in the cloud or on-premises. 

- Extend the platform with Microsoft’s popular Visual Studio.

- Increase security and reduce risk with a single platform code-base. 

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