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Digital Transformation at the Salvation Army

AgilePoint's Low-Code DPA (Digital Process Automation) approach changed the way the Salvation Army team looked at building applications.


How low-code, pro & citizen developers team up to turbo-charge digital transformation

The Salvation Army is a large, global non-profit organization that has a worldwide membership of over 1.7 million people, and serves those in need in 131 countries. They are also an organization that operates on a shoestring budget.

Learn how they are modernizing decades-old infrastructure and legacy apps, avoiding the legacy pattern filled with technical debt.

The story


Twenty years ago, The Salvation Army USA West standardized on Lotus Notes, and heavily leveraged the platform for application development. When it became clear that migrating off Notes to a modern technology was mandatory, two essential requirements emerged – a low-cost approach, and, ensure the technologies replacing Notes would not fall into the same legacy pattern, and that would require another costly migration years later.


AgilePoint’s Low-Code DPA (Digital Process Automation) approach changed the way The Salvation Army team looked at building applications – It is now far simpler and much less time-consuming, with the low-maintenance benefit of AgilePoint’s unique low-code approach solving the legacy problem

  • The pros and cons of the two major forms of Low-Code development platforms.
  • Why not adopting a Low-Code development platform that will incur a cost to enterprise IT organizations in the form of application sprawl, redundant efforts and security/privacy risks.
  • The architecture and main characteristics of a Low-Code development platform that will allow enterprises to ‘have it all’ without having to compromise.
  • Low-code and extensibility: why it’s important and what to look for. Why out-of-the-box functionality for Low-Code platforms will incur hand-coding.

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